Environmental Activities

At ABLogics we have an Environmentally Conscious Management which makes sure that our products, employees and processes are as environment conscious and friendly as they can be.

A few of our initiatives include.

  • Introduction of activities at ABLogics’ operational sites to minimize the environmental burden.
  • We at ABLogics believe in practicing resource leadership and we do that by reducing carbon usage, saving electricity and usage of daylight whenever possible. A few supporting initiatives include installing lots of windows and open spaces in the office allowing natural sunlight in and save electricity to be energy efficient. We also encourage employees to turn off the system when they move out of their seat.
  • Community Work

    We are actively involved in providing education to children in local community. We provide note books, stationeries, uniforms etc to the children. Every month workshops are conducted for making them self sufficient.

    Biodiversity Initiatives

    ABLogics considers the burden on ecosystems and wildlife when constructing buildings and worksites, and tries to preserve a viable habitat for plants and animals. Also, every quarter we organize an employee outing emphasizing on team participation where employees indulge biodiversity preservation and conservation of environment and ecosystems.