The TechBee RFID suite

TechBee rTrack

Assets are the wealth of any organization and their well –being is critical to the health of the organization.

TechBee rTrack is an integrated solution for Asset Security, Management, Performance Monitoring and Condition Enhancement. TechBee rTrack enables enterprise visibility of assets through “Track, Trace, Locate and Secure” of Assets, their movement and location. The solution provides healthy profitability for any organization through Assets Security and Cost Effective real time visibility of assets across organization.

rTrack enables tracking the movement of assets across different entry and exit point of various locations of a unit. It helps in identifying the missing assets, conducting audit of assets, tracking the movement of assets etc.

ROI / Benefits through this solution

  • Accurate asset visibility
  • Tracking the movement of assets
  • Speedy Audit process
  • Reports on current asset status on need basis
  • Time efficiency and minimal manpower requirement

TechBee rIMS

In shop floor and stores, Inventory Management is the most cumbersome process and needs regular monitoring to avoid any last minute surprises.

TechBee rIMS is also integrated with warehouse Inventory Movement Tracking, Location of missing inventory, Inventory audit.

rIMS includes inventory receipt, tracking and locating, inventory audit, tracking missing inventory.

The solution can be integrated with barcodes based on the system requirements.

ROI / Benefits through this solution

  • Reduction time spent on locating inventory
  • Real time inventory visibility
  • Inventory movement tracking
  • Avoid mis-shipment
  • Inventory audit

TechBee rVTS

Registering the movement of vehicles in and out from the plant is essential for security purpose. All these days it’s been done manually and missing out from entering the data in the register would complicate the issue for the management.

To avoid manual entry and to automate the vehicle tracking system, RFID plays a major role in easing the entire operation with maintaining high end security.

TechBee rVTS is the integrated vehicle automation system that helps in tracking the movement of vehicles at the entry and exit points and also across the plant.

ROI / Benefits through this solution

  • High end security
  • Automated recording of vehicles at entry and exit points
  • Real time tracking the movement of vehicle across the plant

Techbee rCert (Smart Certificate)

Universities across the world are busy discharging their role as provider of higher education. A serious challenge faced by them is the circulation of fake and duplicate degree certificates.

Besides, factors such as very high student strength and overworked staff make physical issuance and verification of degree certificates cumbersome and time consuming.

Higher education services are now sought by larger segments of the global population, and students and employers expect that the level of fake or duplicate degree certificates is eradicated.

TechBee rCert (Smart certificate) enables embedding of authentic information in the degree certificates to curb duplication and fake certificate circulation.

ROI / Benefits through this solution

  • Greater security
  • Reliable and easy access to information when needed
  • Curbing the fake and duplicate certificates

TechBee rAIMS – Barcode / QR Code technology

Asset management is one of the many ways to increase and improve functional efficiency of any manufacturing industry.

TechBee rAIMS is an Enterprise Asset Management solution from ABL designed to derive values from capital investments.

This will help to control the purchase of parts materials, goods and services and manages the supply chain cycle efficiently.

With rAIMS, Asset lifecycle value is maximized through effective optimization of all the associated processes. Right information at right time to right people makes all the stakeholders aligned with the real-time data, which is the key for effective asset management.

rAIMS covers the asset lifecycle from Physical, Informational and Financial dimensions in an organized way where every action performed on an asset is not excluded and thus makes information security and audit very much possible within the purview of asset management.

ROI / Benefits through this solution

  • Risk management
  • Quick Asset visibility
  • Efficient handling of assets by incorporating preventive maintenance
  • Maximise the usage of inventory by continuous monitoring
  • Different levels of report generation for various hierarchy present in the company
  • Automated depreciation calculation for all assets